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The mission of the Foundation is – to prevent and help, through research, education, communication and collaboration. Through its programs and services, the CASOF fosters promotes education, awareness and training; and advances the understanding of cancer/AIDS causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The Foundation envision a healthier world, free of death and suffering due to cancer and AIDS, resulting from continued scientific advancement. The organization is totally self dependent and self funded. It receives no grant or any sort of financial assistance from any government agency or department neither it solicits for any assistance from it. We get help in form of donations and logistics from general public of non – government organizations such as UNAIDS etc. We strive to create our own resources to carry out our activities for the benefit of the society. We run ‘Sponsor a Patient’ scheme in which anyone individual or organization can sponsor for the expenses on the treatment of the patients. But even if we do not get any sponsor, we ourselves lend a helping hand to the needy from our resource bank.The donation that we receive gets income tax exemption under section 80 G (v) & (vi) and section 12(AA) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, Govt. of India.

Any person who wants to show philanthropy towards the cause of the patients as well as towards the sustainability of the Foundation’s objectives can contribute in form of Cheque/ Demand Draft/ Cash in favour of CARING SOULS FOUNDATION and  deposit it in any of the branches of the Banks detailed hereunder.

All the Accounts of the Foundation are Multicity.

Our accounts  are with :-


Branch Address

A/c No.


State Bank of India
Current A/c
(Multicity A/c)

Ganesh Ganj, Lucknow 30281883911


State Bank of India
Savings A/c
(Multicity A/c)

Daliganj, Lucknow 30281864320


Punjab National Bank
Saving A/c
(Multicity A/c)

Jankipuram, Lucknow 4236000100001935


Saving  A/c
(Multicity A/c)

Hazratganj, Lucknow 628101057031 




We believe in transparency and we do follow and promote total transparency in our mission and work.