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Donate for an awareness camp on HIV/AIDS and cancer for 100 students

Diseases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer are modern days diseases with a potential to spread everywhere primarily due to lack of awareness among the people regarding its contraction, prevention and control. Considering the seriousness of these diseases, the organization has been targeting the student community in particular and public in general for creating awareness among them. Caring Souls Foundation organizes these camp in educational institutions all over the country. Guidance for HIV/AIDS will be provided to students of appropriate age and maturity whereas cancer awareness will be provided to students of all ages. The Foundation would like to extend all possible support to the victims of such diseases by creating awareness about them. Awareness forms are also distributed in the end of the programme. In the year 2015-2016, these camps were organized in 508 institutions.

3700 /- (Tax Benefits : 50%)

Sponsor 10 people to attend a cancer detection camp

There are thousands of people who are poor and are suffering from cancer but due to unavailability of funds they remain undiagnosed. Many people cannot assess the symptoms in early stages and thus lose their lives. Our NGO has taken an initiative to organize cancer detection camps where highly qualified doctors are appointed with high tech medical equipments to detect different types of cancer including cervical cancer, breast cancer and throat cancer. The basic idea is to diagnosis the disease as early as possible since cancer can be cured if treated at an early stage.

2000 /- (Tax Benefits : 50%)


Loktinula, an eleven years old child was diagnosed with Leukemia. The principal of her school contacted us asking for our prayers and some financial aid.From a small village in Nagaland, Loktinula was lucky enough to receive good facilities of Cancer treatment in Guwahati. She is undergoing her treatment and is planned to receive Chemotherapy which will continue for three years. As painful as chemotherapy sounds, there is something even more painful Loktinula and her family are going through. Her father, Mr. Imtisungkum, is a carpenter and his monthly income is just Rs. 15000. This amount was inefficient to fulfill their daily needs, until they found out was Loktinula was going through.Loktinula is a brave girl and she has dreams like all of us. She wants to complete her education despite of the problems she is facing.Leukemia, also known as Blood Cancer, has cases fewer than 1 million per year in India. Fighting her rare disease, Loktinula and her family needs your support, so they can fight cancer and make Loktinula even a stronger person.Let’s donate for a cause. By giving a small amount of money, you can change a big part of their lives.

2000 /- (Tax Benefits : 50%)

Support medical and surgical expenses of a cancer/HIV/AIDS patient

Our NGO provides medical aid every year to poor and deprived patients who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and Cancer. Many times due to bad financial conditions, people are not able to take up the treatment. Our NGO tries to help such patients. We conduct surveys for needy patients and provide them a cheque of Rs. 1,000 every month till the end of their treatment. Our NGO has sponsored more than 1,600 patients since last year.

1000 /- (Tax Benefits : 50%)

General Fund

General fund is created and maintained by our NGO to cover general expenses not specific to a project/cause/need. This helps cover expenses vital to the running of the organisation. Expenses such as administrative expenses, various overheads are paid from the general funds. Most NGOs maintain a general fund to help them meet the donation gap created when donors donate only to a specific project/cause/need or any unexpected expense which may arises during the course of running the organisation.

250 /- (Tax Benefits : 50%)

Corpus Fund

Corpus fund is considered to be the capital of the organisation. The fund is generated and kept by us for the sustenance and existence of the organisation. The Corpus Fund is of paramount importance to the organisation as it helps during the times of distress. Only the interest/dividend earned from it is accumulated or utilized for general purposes. It is required for the smooth sustenance of the organisation. We are currently trying to build a corpus fund of 12 months’ of expenditure of the organisation thereby ensuring a smooth sustenance. It will help reduce financial vulnerability and thereby help us achieve our goals.

500 /- (Tax Benefits : 50%)
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